Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Ms. Tech-Challenged has a dream (and more tech fun) :)

There I stood, remote control in hand, trying to turn off a television.

I pressed one button, then a second one, then a third, then a fourth.

Gornisht (nothing).

Finally, I walked over to the television and pressed the On/Off/Power button.

Naturally, the TV shut down immediately.  :)

Only a technology-challenged person could have a dream like this.  :)


Speaking of televisions, they used to be a lot easier to hold onto.

Big, old-fashioned TVs--the kind that were much bigger from front to back than from side to side--could be forced to behave (more or less) by an equally old-fashioned method--all one had to do was to place one's hands on both sides and give the TV a good whack.  My sister and I, having taken an ancient family TV to New York City with us for the short time that we were living together, managed to keep that old thing running--more or less--for about 16 years before we finally declared it officially and permanently broken.

Good luck trying that on a wide-screen digital television.


Why is it that one can buy a good old-fashioned landline telephone and have it for ages, but a smartphone has to be replaced roughly every two years?  Our son tells us that technological devices must be replaced more often because technology keeps improving.  Our budget could use a short delay in technological progress, thank you.


Last, but not least, is my pet technology peeve.  Once upon a time, we paid probably not more than $200 for a manual, or even an electric, typewriter, and when it broke, we simply had to pack it up in its carrying case and take it to a repair shop, where the employees repaired it for us and handed it back, in exchange for a fee, completely repaired.

Now, we pay from several hundred to over a thousand dollars for a computer, and, when it breaks, we have to spend literally hours on the phone while the technical support/Help Desk staff talks us through the process of repairing the darned thing ourselves!  Exactly how is that fair?



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